We want to see multi-generational, city-wide transformation.
We cannot do this alone. We must work in collaboration with like-minded churches, businesses, and foundations. The current culture of fatherlessness is entrenched and will be extremely difficult to change if we do not serve alongside others who want to see city-wide transformation as well.

We believe in:

  • Relationships at all levels to develop healthy fathers. 
  • ​Collaboration and shared success with like-minded organizations to build families, community, and our city. 
  • Meeting fathers where they are, in the workplace, school, church, or even in prison. 
We partner with:
Good Dads- Springfield
We are a network partner with Good Dads Springfield MO. They provide us with evidence-based curriculum and training for our facilitators. Good Dads’ mission is to encourage fathers by providing inspiration, resources, and events to help dads be the best they can be.
Dads Against Crime
We provide Good Dads training to the men Dads Against Crime serves. They provide Fatherhood Foundations with job placement, counseling, and felony expungement services.
D.A.C. is a non-profit organization geared toward fathers in the Kansas City community who have lost a child to violence or have a child who is a survivor of violence.
New Life CityChurch
We provide Good Dads training at New Life CityChurch. New Life CityChurch’s mission is to develop communities that inspire people to know and follow Jesus.
Brothers in Blue Reentry
We provide Brothers in Blue with Good Dads training at Lansing Correctional Facility.
Brothers In Blue Reentry is a faith-based program, designed to equip inmates to function as positive, productive members of society upon release. After release, Brothers in Blue works with inmates to provide construction and welding skills.
Bridge of Hope Community Church
We provide Good Dads training at Bridge of Hope Community Church. Bridge of Hope’s Mission is to compassionately influence the marginalized in our community to become Christ followers.
Ozark Recovery Housing
We provide Good Dads training at Ozark Recovery Housing.  Their goal is to create an environment where individuals can find the support they need on their journey to overcoming substance use disorders.
Shelter KC
We provide Good Dads training at Shelter KC.
A shelter is a safe place, a place that stays steady in the struggle. A shelter is a serving place, where needs are met and help is found. A shelter is a sacred place, where truth is spoken and God is present. A shelter provides rescue, but so much more. A shelter is a refuge, a temporary home to recover, to strengthen, to heal, to learn, to find hope, to be restored.
Firm Foundations Ministries
We will provide Good Dads training in the future with Firm Foundation Ministries in Kansas City, KS.  Firm Foundations equips men and women to move from imprisoned to empowered. They exist to disciple leaders impacted by incarceration to plant churches that transform the world. We provide a discipleship path that takes men and women from imprisoned to empowered church planters.
The Single Mom KC
We will provide training options for men associated with The Single Mom KC. The Single Mom KC offers the 61,000+ single mother families in the Kansas City metro area the opportunity to join a hope-filled community. They provide training workshops, a clothing boutique for moms, trauma healing, and community events.

Swope Health Imani House
We provide Good Dads training at Swope Imani House.  Imani House is a Swope Health drug and alcohol treatment facility. The treatment teaches new methods of communication, new coping skills, and new living skills.

Transition Center of Kansas City
The Transition Center of Kansas City (TCKC) is a collaborative project initiated by the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) and is a community-focused transition management model rooted in restorative justice philosophy and based on the principle of human dignity.  TCKC includes programming from various community partners to create a network of resources and support for returning citizens.
Cross Points Church
Cross Point’s mission statement is this:
We are all about connecting people to Jesus because He is the hope of the world.  Our desire is to help you connect to Jesus because we know He will change your life for the better!
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